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Dog Walking 

You can't afford your dog walker to cancel last minute? 

No problem! 

Our small, but enthusiastic team will always be there for you. 

Dog Walking 

Want to give your dog an hour of fun a day to keep the boredom away? 

Let's have them join the Wicked Waggles pack and enjoy the world!


We like to switch it up, but have a few favourite places to walk!

Swinley Forest, Englemere Pond, Frost Folly Park, Cabbage Hill and many more


During the assessment walk of your dog, we will make notes of a number of things which will help us to match them with the right pack.

We will look at, their energy level, personality and domena around other dogs, attention and engagement with handler, drive, resource guarding, impulse control, recall reliability. Do not worry if they aren't the super stars we'd like them to be, it is to help us match them with the right pack so everyone is happy and safe. 

The number of dogs walked at one time depends on a number of factors including;

The location, time of the day, packs age, energy levels, engagements and attention, impulse control, recall reliability. 

Our aim is to create an enriching environment during the walks, whilst keeping ourselves, our pack and the public safe and happy. 


If you and your dog struggles with recall, that is okay.

We offer recall training during our walks, depending on the issues at hand, we may need more frequent walks to ensure consistency. Like any dog training, it requires work, this will be both from yourselves as well as the dog walker. 

This is something to mention on the phone and during your assessment walk. 


Our van is frequently washed with a dog friendly, non toxic disinfectant. The van is insulated and has a fitted two way ventilations system. The cages are custom made from steel making them safe and secure. The cages are lined with a non slip rubber matting, as well as filled with blankets and towels for extra comfort. 

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