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When it comes to offering premium dog walking services, you can count on Wicked Waggles Read the most frequently asked questions.


What we offer

Pooch activity & fitness monitor

We attach an Activity and Fitness monitor to your dogs collar, which tracks and calculates the amount of calories they've burnt, distance traveled and the duration of their walk. 

With the daily report, you will also receive a few pictures and videos to involve you in their adventures as much as possible. 

Recall training

Recall is so important, yet a big worry for some dog parents.

If your pooch has recall issues, and has been turned down in the past by walkers, or you've tried everything there is, but with no positive effect, we've got you! 

At Wicked Waggles, we like a challenge and most important of all, we love happy dogs. We use an enclosed indoor arena for practice and training, so your dog is safe. We find the problem and work persistently to fix it. We've made impossible possible, your pooch will be a piece of cake. 

Wash & dry

Dirty Dogs are Happy Dogs, but your living room is not! 

The best walks are the ones when it's raining and disgusting outside, unfortunately  for us, our pups love to get extra filthy on those days. 

Wicked Waggles will keep those walks a secret and drop off your pooch back home like nothing ever happened. 

Our vans are equipped with a wash and dry facility. We will rinse off any muddy play from your pooch, towel and blow dry and even give them a little brush through if necessary.

Specialised walks

We organise specialised walks for those dogs needing more attention. Dogs with Dysplasia will have water-focused walks, to get the pressure away from their joints and let them exercise through swimming. Dogs who are slightly older would also benefit from these walks as there will be less on the distance side, instead slower and with more mental stimulation. 

Frenchies and other bulldog breeds can sometimes have trouble socialising, but do beautifully among themselves, we offer walks combining the breeds together too. 

For those dogs with extra energy like Huskies, we have a blast doing bikejoring or general bicycle rides in the woods. We first dedicate the time to try and train for those adventures, but your dogs will benefit more than you can imagine. 

Don't believe us? Come and join us for free and watch as we work with our dogs. 

Weekend trips away

On Saturdays every two weeks, we organise trips away, to either the beach, for a hiking trip, or to New Forest. These walks will be for high fitness and good recall pooches but will be the highlight of their week for sure. The time outdoors will usually be 4 hours minimum.

The walker will have a backpack with 5 litres of water. Depending on the dietary requirements of each dog, there will be a break for a sit and snack with a high protein content, to keep the energy levels going. We also have a first aid kit with us and an emergency contact.


Some of the places we go to are;

  • Snowdon

  • Exmoor National Park

  • New Forest

  • 7-mile long Brean beach going up to a hike to “Brean Down Fort”.

  • 50+ Dorset hikes and trails

Dog Boarding 

Don’t feel guilty about leaving your pet alone, we've got you!
We provide a variety of dog boarding options depending on space, temperament of your dog, and time of the year. Get in touch with us for more info! 


Customised packages that suit your needs

First of all, your first walk with us is FREE 

Then the most exciting thing is, you can join us on our walk or walks, free of charge, to meet us and our packs. 
If you do decide to join the Wicked Team, you can get packages and combos depending on your needs. 
The activity tracker is free when you book your walks with us, and if you recommend us to a friend, you get an extra weekend away with us. 

If that sounds awesome, then check out our price list below, and don't be afraid to give us a woof



Price List:

£15 per walk 

£5 additional dog 

£60 a week 

£25 Doggy Day Care 

£40 Dog Boarding 


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