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Enriching Doggy Daycare Both Educational And Fun

Separation anxiety, energetic puppy?
No problem!
Leave it with our Doggy Daycare Team! 

Welcome to the exciting Doggy Daycare world where the mud is our best friend and time is unlimited

The mischief we're up to on our Doggy Daycares should be a secret, but we'll let you in if you promise to obey the rules.

  1. Accept crazy into your life, because we're not just a doggy daycare company, we're a Wicked one!

  2. Always, and without any exceptions ask the smallest questions.

  3. Have a Wicked day with your Waggler and don't forget their treats on your walks.

What adventures are you to expect when joining our Wicked Doggy Daycare Team?

Our core values include physical and mental fulfilment. How we get there is what's exciting.


We of course, as you know, go on those muddy and crazy walks you see on our social media. The dogs get to socialise, run, play, swim and roll in all those revolting smells they love.

Dirty Dogs are Happy Dogs!

Don't worry! We'll rinse them down, using our water system in the van, if a towel doesn't do the job.

Some safety bla bla's...

We focus on keeping our dogs safe, therefore we don't greet strangers or let unassessed dogs say hello.

During our walks when spotting a passing stranger, we move to the side of the path, allowing the strangers to pass by unbothered. To keep everyone focused and engaged we do "treat parties" or simply play with them.

Sniffing out treats, and sharing space is part of our daily routine, we do NOT accept dogs with resource guarding.

We understand resource guarding can be developed in an intense environment, therefore we take great care with food handling focusing on a positive and calm environment.

How many dogs on a walk?

Due to our knowledge in dog handling, dog behaviour and pack mentality this is a million dollar question as one size fits all does not apply here.

We assess each dog and match them with a pack that'll create a positive experience, focusing on a balanced energy throughout the walk.

We do not walk more than 6 dogs per walker however packs may be smaller with high energy dogs or ones in training.

Dogs are introduced into new packs with caution and are kept on lead for a minimum of 3 first walks.

After that we let them run and play. 

What will your Wicked Waggler do outside his walks during his Doggy Daycare?

Enrichment during Doggy Daycare indoors is just as important as it is outdoors.

Our enrichment plan involves search games, garden play, social interaction, tug play.

The aim is to mentally stimulate your dog through interactions and play with their carer.

During scorching summer time, we have an outdoor pool area to cool down, as well as a room with air conditioning.

We have a room for down time, for the pups needing time to relax after their wicked outdoor adventures. There they will find comfortable beds, plenty of water, and a crate if they prefer to have some cave space. The lights are off, the blinds are shut, a light background music is playing, and the dogs can recharge their little batteries.

We have a camera in the quiet room so we can keep an eye on the sleeping dogs in case one wakes up and wants to join the rest of the pack.

The room designated for play, is equipped with toys, balls, and if the weather allows it, constant access to the garden for zoomies.

We also take the younger or less able dogs for short individual walks to the local park if they can't join the long pack walks.

During your dogs short walks, they can take advantage of playing with their carer, go to the local stream to play in water, or just trot along.

We are completely dog obsessed so they'll never be bored or feel left out even if they can't play zoomies and fetch balls, a belly rub in the grass, or a snack at a local bench can be just as enjoyable. 

Doggy Daycare team daily routine

When your waggler joins our Doggy Daycare, they're in for a full day of adventures.

We start of with an exciting walk in the woods (the first walk is always the craziest one!).

On the walk, we burn off all the energy we've gathered from a full night sleep, zooming around the woods, playing with our buddies, sniffing out treats, barking around and getting muddy.

When we get back to our Doggy Daycare place, we enjoy a home made lunch snack followed by either rest or more play.

Our Doggy Daycare dogs can either enjoy a few short walks in the local park, or 2-4 pack walks a day.

We also take our energetic pups away for a bicycle ride if the pack is right, and the weather is kind.

Our aim is to create an exciting and enriching day for your dog, so they dream of the fun they've had, and look forward to their next days.

We'd like to think that if your dog could talk, they'd choose the Wicked Waggles Doggy Daycare in a heartbeat.

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