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Home Dog Boarding and what to expect.

In home Boarding services

Home Away From Home, not just a boarding facility, ensuring your dogs comfort and fulfilling their needs. We dedicate ourselves to providing a peaceful, enriching, and comfortable environment for your dog.


We will attend to our plan and your needs with care and understanding, as "One Size Fits All" does not apply in dog care.

Sleeping Arrangements during your dogs boarding 

Our dog boarding is in our home, including 3 Dog Bedrooms, all furnished with crates and dog beds. For their comfort we can either close the bedrooms or install a baby gate.

We focus on calm energy after an enriching day, full of games, fun and stimulation. To soothe our dogs in the evening, we enjoy playing music and showing them affection before they sleep.


Our in home boarding facilities include;

  • 3 Dog Bedrooms

  • Living Room

  • Utility Room

  • Feed Room - we like to feed our dogs separately in a designated area

  • Secure garden

  • Groom room

Exercise in and out of our dog boarding facility

Your dogs mental stimulation and physical exercise will depend on their age, health and breed needs.

We offer a variety of ways to keep your dog stimulated, during his boarding stay, including;

  • Woodland Walks

  • Adventures in rural areas

  • Social Play

  • Swimming

  • Agility in an enclosed arena

  • Puzzle games

  • Scent Work

  • Handler Interaction via tug and balls

  • Play time in a secure paddock


We designed our dog play area for all sizes and breeds. They can chase balls, play with toys, or explore and socialize with other dogs boarding with us. We do not meet and greet strangers on walks for safety reasons, as well as from training point of view, not to encourage our dogs to say hello to passing dogs and stranger. 

Furthermore, we understand that some dogs may have physical limitations or require special attention. That is why we also have a treadmill specifically designed for less able dogs. If your dog is post surgery or suffers from medical issues, we have also partnered with a hydrotherapy facility to help them regain their strength. 

With our designated in-home play area and specially designed treadmill at our boarding facility, we strive to ensure that every dog staying with us can enjoy physical activity and maintain their overall well-being, regardless of their abilities or limitations.


Our trained staff is always present to supervise and assist dogs during playtime and exercise sessions, ensuring their safety and providing personalized attention.


We believe, a fulfilled dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog contributes to a happy home. When dogs are provided with mental stimulation, physical exercise, and socialization, they are more likely to be content and well-behaved.


In the context of home dog boarding, ensuring that dogs have a fulfilling experience is essential.

Introduction and Socialisation at our dog boarding home

Depending on your dogs, age, sex, energy level and temperament, we approach socialisation differently at our dog boarding facility. 


We absolutely love pack walks, watching dogs engage and play is incredibly touching. Our focus is on matching the right dogs together, creating packs balanced in energy levels.

In an ideal world we’d like everyone to love everyone, but reality usually has other plans. We introduce our dogs carefully under the eye of our experts to ensure everyones safety.

Feeding - Allergies - Treats

We will follow your current feeding schedule to the best of our abilities as to not disturb your dogs routine during his boarding with us. If your dog is on kibble or raw, we will be happy to follow through your feeding plan.


We also have a large deep freezer in case your dog will be staying for longer and will need their food stored.

If your dog suffers from any allergies, please list all the ones you know of on arrival or pick up. 

The most common treats used on our pack walks are, grain free beef kibble with no chicken oils, we find many dogs suffer from chicken allergie. 

For those with extra sensitive stomachs, we make our own treats/food. We use, vegetables, meat, gelatine and supplements. The mix is blended, put into a frame, left in the fridge overnight, then cut into cubes in the morning ready for all the guests to enjoy a homemade delicacy throughout their day.


We find even the pickiest of eaters will bring you the stars for our home made treats. 

We also make our own raw dog food for our residenting dogs, so if you normally cook for your dog, it is not a problem, pop us your recipes and we'll do the rest. 

Dog Boarding Chauffeur Service for those not on our doorstep

We have a well equipped, comfortable van with custom made extra large cages fitting a Great Dane comfortably. The van has insulation and a ventilation system, going through frequent checks on its compartments and performance.

No matter where you are in England, we can collect and deliver your dog for an extra charge.

Our boarding facility is also available for you to bring your dog between 8am and 7pm.

Assessment walks, is my dog right for in home dog boarding?

We like to conduct assessment walks with our future clients where it is possible, preferably a few weeks before their boarding due date. 

Our main focus is to carry out safety checks on your dogs behaviours. If your dog exhibits any resource guarding, please inform us. Resource guarding of food, toys or humans is not something we can accept in our boarding facility despite your dogs breed or size. The general safety of everyone in home is our priority and we do not make exceptions.

As resource guarding is something that can be developed in an intense environment, we focus on healthy interactions around food and toys with other boarding dogs. This includes interactions with food on walks, as well as feeding times, or play in woods, paddock and enclosed areas with toys.

During our assessment walks we test and discuss your dogs, handler focus, recall reliability, social skills, interactions and engagement with and around toys.

These are to ensure we match your dog with the right pack on walks and around the boarding facility (our home). 

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£45 Per Night 
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