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What is Wicked Waggles?

We are a unique company providing more than just a "dog  walk". 

We believe there are two factors to a happy pooch!

We work hard on stimulating your dogs brain with play and treats, in combination with high energy activities.

But hey! Don't take our word for it! 

We use Activity Trackers to help us with our daily reports which you receive via email or message, providing you with in depth details on your pooches experience with us. The report includes information on calories they've burnt, distance traveled and how much play time they've had. 

Your Journey with Wicked Waggles

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We arrange an assessment walk

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We fit your dog to a pack and plan an activity programme to best suit you and your pup

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We pick up your pup

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We give your pup an activity monitor to track his fitness & exercise

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We play and exercise

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We make sure your pup is nice & clean before dropping off as we include a wash and dry service with all our packages


We drop off your pup


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