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Dog Portrait

Dog Daycare 

Separation anxiety, energetic puppy?

No problem!

Leave it with us. 

Doggy Daycare

Our Daycare system is design to be tailored to your dogs physical and mental needs. 

We strive to make a happy and balanced pack, providing your dog with a time where they explore and learn.

Daily routine

Our pick up times are between 9-10am.

We aim to be on our first walk by 10:30, unloaded and in the forest/park. 

Our first walk should end between 10:30 - 12:00

We then drop off and pick up our following walk, during this time your pooch can either stay with us if they are on all 3 walks, or they get dropped off to our place in Warfield to have some indoor, or if the weather allows it, outdoor fun.

Our third walk is between 15:00 - 16:00, after which everyone is dropped off back home. 

Please note, these may be effected by extreme weather conditions.


We like to explore new places, for this reason we walk different routs every day. Our prefered location is Swinley Forest, due to the variety of trails and flexible parking. We also take advantage of other local parks. 

During the pack dog walks we understand the importance of engagement with your dog, we focus on creating a stimulating environment for a brighter brain. 

Creating engagement and focus in a distracting environment like a pack walk can be tricky, but with success come great results.

We work on creating an independent relationship with your dog, that includes the 1-1 time as well as during our pack dog walks. 

To prevent the build up of resource guarding which if not previously present, can manifest itself in a high pressure environment, we do not through balls or sticks or any other toys during our walks.

We do however "treat parties", where a bunch of treats are thrown and scattered so the dogs activate their noses to sniff them out.

For this reason we DO NOT take dogs with signs of resource guarding. If your dog presents signs of resource guarding around, toys, sticks, food or human attention, pack walks may not be suitable for them.

If you are unclear on how to spot these, please don't hesitate to contact us via call, we can have a chat and asses your dog.  


We love to show our dogs appreciation, and mark desired behaviours both in the house, as well as on walks. To treat your dog we use the following; 

- Home made treats using organic ingredients

- Treats like Waggs 

- Kibble

If your dog has allergies (which unfortunately is very common), let us know. Unless the pack has no allergies, we tend to use home made treats, made from dog friendly gelatin, veg & beef. 


If your dog is used to lunch or an early dinner, just give it to us on pick up/drop off with a note with feeding instructions.  

Puppies & Mature Dogs

If your puppy or elderly dog are not at the stage of walking and running around through a forest for an hour, we can provide tailored services to their needs. They can join us on shorter and more mentally stimulating walks to keep their body and mind engaged. 

Sweet and short can be just as satisfying! 

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