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Boarding Services

In home Boarding services

Home Away From Home, ensuring your dogs comfort and fulfilling their needs. We are dedicated in providing a peaceful, enriching and comfortable environment for your dog.

“One Size Fits All’ does not apply in dog care, so our plan and your needs will be attended to with care and understanding.

Sleeping Arrangements 

Our boarding is in home, including 3 Dog Bedrooms, all furnished in a crate and a double bed. Bedrooms can either be closed, or a baby gate can be installed.

To calm our dogs at night, we like to play music and give them some TLC before bed.


Our in home facilities include;

  • 3 Dog Bedrooms

  • Living Room

  • Utility Room

  • Feed Room - we like to feed our dogs separately in a designated area

  • Secure garden

  • Groom room


Your dogs physical exercise and mental stimulation will depend on their age, physical abilities and breed needs.

We offer a variety of ways to keep your dog stimulated, including;

  • Woodland Walks

  • Adventures in rural areas

  • Social Play

  • Swimming

  • Agility in an enclosed arena

  • Puzzle games

  • Scent Work

  • Handler Interaction via tug and balls

  • Play time in a secure paddock


We also have a designated in home play area and a treadmill for less able dogs.


A fulfilled dog is a happy dog, a happy dog is a happy home.


Depending on your dogs, age, sex, energy level, temperament and past experiences we approach socialisation differently.


Pack walks are our favourite, seeing dogs play and interact is heart warming, this is why to ensure everyone is safety and happiness, we put our packs together focusing on the energy balance of the pack.


In an ideal world we’d like everyone to love everyone, but reality usually has other plans. We will introduce dogs under the eye of our experts and will ensure everyone safety.

Chauffeur Service

We have a well equipped, comfortable van with custom made extra large cages fitting a great dane comfortably. The van is insulated and checked on regular basis ensuring safety.

We are happy to pick up and drop off your pooch at an extra cost despite your location, we pick up dogs from all around England. If you’d rather take your dog to us, our doors are open from 8am till 7pm.

Lazy Brown Dog

£45 Per Night 
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